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Trier, Eifel area and Little Switzerland of Luxembourg
Dec 28-30, 2019


Saturday, 28th Dec 2019 - drive to and Römerpfad ("Roman path") hike
Weather: sunny, around 0 °C

I still had to use up some bonus points from my employer so we booked a hotel in Trier for 2 nights at the end of 2019. On Saturday, 28th December we drove a couple of hours and shortly before reaching Trier in the Eifel region we started on a 10.5 kilometre hike on the "Römerpfad" in the Kyll and Butzerbach valleys. This was an interesting hike with a lot of Roman history, red rocks, caves and a castle ruin.   The last section followed a stream with a series of small beautiful waterfalls. After we finished the trail, we drove another 30 minutes to Trier.
Here we had booked the Ibis Styles right in the old town (approx. 100 euros per night including breakfast). Parking fees and tourist tax came extra. After checking in we walked to the old Roman city gate Porta Nigra which was illuminated at night.


Sunday, 29th Dec 2019 - hike through the Teufelsschlucht ("devil's gorge") and visit to Echternach
Weather: sunny, around 0 °C

On Sunday we did a 6 kilometre hike close to the Luxembourg border through the Teufelsschlucht and to the Irreler waterfalls. Then we crossed the border into Luxembourg to visit Echternach where we had a crêpe at Chocolate House and a hot milk with a piece of chocolate dipped into it ("Submarino"). By 3 p.m. we were back at the hotel and went for another walk around Trier.


Monday, 30th Dec 2019 - hike through Little Switzerland of Luxembourg
Weather: sunny, around 0 °C

On Monday we crossed the border into Luxembourg again where we did a 10 kilometres hike to the famous waterfall Schiessentümpel in the area which is known as Little Switzerland of Luxembourg. In the early afternoon we drove back to Düsseldorf.
In those three days at the end of year we were so lucky with the weather. It was cold but sunny so were able to go hiking every day, even though the days were short so they ended early.


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