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On Friday morning, 6th October 1995, at 9:15 I took a BA flight from Düsseldorf to Birmingham to visit my boyfriend of that time Christian during his university year abroad at the University of Birmingham. The following week I accompanied him to some of his lectures on economics or I worked in the library on my own studies. We also went to a couple of parties and we did a boat tour around the canals of Birmingham. On the 11th we went to Stratford-upon-Avon by train (Cheap Day Return for £3.20) where we visited Shakespeare's Birthplace (£2.75 each) and the theatre. On Friday evening the 13th we took a train to Hastings (Saver Return for £40.00) to visit Michael and Rosemary. On Sunday afternoon we took a train to London and I just about made it to my flight from Heathrow at 19:30 as I had underestimated the time it would take us to travel on the tube.

On Wednesday, 22nd November, at 10:10 a.m. I went to Birmingham again. Christian and I went to parties and to the cinema. On Sunday the 26th we visited the Cadbury chocolate factory. The 29th was his birthday and we went to the theatre (Moorpool Hall) to see "How the other half loves". On Friday, 1st December, we took a train to Glasgow (£68 Saver Return) to visit Christian's Norwegian pal Tore-Jacob who was studying there. On Sunday the 3rd we went to Edinburgh together. In the evening we returned to Birmingham, and the following day at 19:15 I took a flight back to Düsseldorf.

My next trip to Birmingham was on Sunday, 21st January 1996. My flight was scheduled for 19:35, but after I had checked in it was suddenly cancelled! Luckily there was a flight to Manchester shortly afterwards which wasn't full so that they booked all the Birmingham passengers onto that one and the plane had to make a stop in Birmingham first. We finally departed at 20:45. As I had to return already on the 24th (19:15) I was glad this worked out with just an hour's delay!

I didn't go back to Birmingham again until Saturday, 25th May 1996, and this time Christian and I went on a little tour around Wales until the 29th.

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