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My love of travelling has evolved during many camping trips with my parents in the 1970ies and 1980ies, which took me already to the majority of Western European countries. Besides, we often had guests from twin towns in the UK, France and Italy, and also visited there ourselves. When I entered university in 1989 I started to look for opportunities to study or work abroad. I was lucky enough to be given them, so I got the chance to get a closer look on life in England, France, Canada and Luxembourg, experiences I wouldn't want to miss and which have taught me a lot! Living abroad gives you a much better insight into the way of life of a country than a tourist would normally get, but nevertheless I also enjoy travelling around and visiting the different sights!

With this travel website I'm combining my love of travelling with my pleasure in writing and photographing. I try to provide a travelogue from most of my journeys as well as some practical advice. Writing down my experiences and reading old travel diaries is also a great way of reliving the memories of that particular holiday and it helps to remember many of the details which otherwise would be forgotten much too soon! I started to create my first travel diaries in 1998, when I started this website, but I endeavoured to recreate some more from earlier trips - from memory and a few notes - which of course contain much less detail.

I enjoy very much planning the various trips and the internet is an unending source of information. Travelogues of people who have already been where I want to go can provide a lot of useful information. And my hope is that I can be as helpful to others by writing down my own experiences. But in any case I hope people enjoy reading about my journeys! And even though my mothertongue is German, this website orginally started in English so that my international friends can read it as well, and because I love the English language. However, more recently I wrote most travelogues in German and often I lack the time to translate them afterwards, unfortunately...

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