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USA 2008
Secrets of the Southwest
On less trodden paths
6-26 September 2008

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Destinations (in alphabetical order):


Air Force Academy Colorado Springs Alstrom Point Animas Forks Ghost Town Arches NP (Eye of the Whale Arch, Fiery Furnace, Tower Arch) Big Horn Canyon Black Canyon of the Gunnison Blue Canyon Bull Valley Gorge  Calhan Paint Mines Cedar Wash Arch Coal Mine Canyon Colorado NM Coyote Buttes South Covered Wagon Natural Bridge
Crystal Geyser Eggshell Arch Escalante Overlook False Kiva Five Hole Arch Garden of the Gods Gemini Bridges
Georgetown HIRR (Zebra & Tunnel Slot, Sunset & Moonrise Arch, Devilís Garden) Island in the Sky   La Sal Mountains Loop Last Dollar Road Manitou Springs Mesa Verde Million Dollar Highway Notom Bullfrog Road Onion Creek Road
Pikes Peak Rainbow Valley Rattlesnake Arches Red Top & Yellow Rock Rifle Falls Royal Gorge Bridge Sand Flats Road San Rafael Swell Secret Spire Sidestep Canyon Strike Valley Overlook Stud Horse Point Telluride The Wave White Mesa Arch White Pocket Willis Creek Yankee Girl Mine




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Total miles: 3555


06 Sep. 08 Flight to Denver
07 Sep. 08 Georgetown, Rifle Falls State Park
08 Sep. 08 Rattlesnake Arches, Colorado NM
09 Sep. 08 Onion Creek, Arches NP (Tower Arch, Landscape Arch, Windows Section)
10 Sep. 08 Secret Spire, Canyonlands Island in the Sky (False Kiva, Upheaval Dome), Gemini Bridges
11 Sep. 08 Arches NP (Fiery Furnace, Eye of the Whale Arch), Sand Flats Road with La Sal Mountains
12 Sep. 08 Dinosaur Tracks, San Rafael Swell, Crystal Geyser
13 Sep. 08 Five Hole Arch, Strike Valley Overlook
14 Sep. 08 Big Horn Canyon
15 Sep. 08 HIRR: Zebra + Tunnel Slot, Sunset + Moonrise Arch, Devilís Garden
16 Sep. 08 Covered Wagon Natural Bridge & Cedar Wash Arch, Willis Creek, Kodachrome Basin S.P.
17 Sep. 08 Red Top and Yellow Rock
18 Sep. 08 The Wave, Stud Horse Point
19 Sep. 08 Sidestep Canyon & Rainbow Valley, White Pocket
20 Sep. 08 Coyote Buttes South, Alstrom Point
21 Sep. 08 Eggshell Arch, White Mesa Arch, Coal Mine Canyon, Blue Canyon
22 Sep. 08 Mesa Verde, Million Dollar Highway
23 Sep. 08 Animas Forks Ghost Town, Yankee Girl Mine, Last Dollar Road
24 Sep. 08 Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Royal Gorge Bridge
25 Sep. 08 Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Calhan Paint Mines
26 Sep. 08 Air Force Academy, Return flight from Denver


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